Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Endings...............

Happy Endings..

There is good news at the end of the year...I am grateful for prayers for Peck . He rallied for Christmas and so were are  taking it one day at a time.
Between the Cottage Tour, my projects,the wonderful vet, the great help and support of  the docents and my friends.( the $12,000 we raised) ..and Christmas Christmas......I am grateful and pooped!!!!!!
I came to the office to gather the receipts, the last of the things to be returned , the mail,  the bills and the photographs...and the dreaded invoices.
Funny how going to the office is relaxing, I must be weird. Instead of working, I am playing "blog catch up" with my friends in the blog world and watching Lance (the office cat) doze on my computer.
The quite is so welcome and relaxing . ....
The plan for 2013...invoicing and....having more fun!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas oyster roast and dinner .....My son and his wife decorated the boat building shed and we all had a ball!!
the hostess with the "mostess"

merry coastal christmas!!!

the oyster roast..on christmas day
our beloved Peck ... at the party and wanting some of everything!!!

Peck waiting on the roast ....

Peck getting some love ..
starting the fire..

There is nothing like a fire to warm your soul..and good friends and family enjoying our Christmas Tradition...
the chandelier never made it to the client..Oh well..

cranberry, orange water..

 After  you eat the oysters you can make a wreath, a lamp,  a chandelier.... some candlesticks..even a driveway... with the shells(after you bleach  them).... the ultimate recycle.
and you say that looks terrible...looks terrible .. taste yummy!!

the" host with the most" having  crab stew...

my Christmas mimosa...

the oyster factory in Bluffton where we buy the oysters..

yummy snacks..
a shell tree skirt...happy holidays...


JANET said...

It looks like you had the perfect day! So glad your sweet Peckinpaugh is doing better. Happy New Year.

Vicky said...

Happy new year Jane! I'm tired too as I wind down from Christmas and I am resting in preparation for our big project. I am going to hit some flea markets and IKEA and then hire somebody to move everything to Tybee. Wanna go shopping with me--it could be fun!

Jane said...

Hi Jane. I haven't stopped in for a while. nice to see all the beautifuly things you did for christmas. Wishing you a wonderful 2013. Jane x

jmac said...

I could eat sacks and sacks of those raw oysters...yum! and I want you to know that because of staying at 99 Steps for a long girlfriend weekend yrs ago, I now have a lime green tree that stays up all year long....loved the one you had in your cottage!!
Happy New Yr!!

Unknown said...

Oyster feast on Christmas sounds like fun. Looks like it was a very wonderful day.

Jane said...

Lots of beautiful reminders... Thanks for shaing Vicki's info. I love the vase chandelier in her's to "ME".

Love reading your blog and getting so many ideas from things you do.
Thanks...Have a Joy-filled new year!


Unknown said...

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