Wednesday, December 5, 2012


OK, this fund raiser is for fun...Island Happy Fun...Happy Colors fun !!!There isn't a serious thing about it.....EXCEPT the very serious issue of over population of dogs and cats. The low cost spay and neuter clinic we are trying to build to help this problem.
This island is quirky, laid back and full of characters. We are serious about having fun and enjoying life.
Cottages have their own attitudes!!!
They arn't perfect..but they are comfortable and they will make you smile. On this tour, there are 17 cottages. There is a map but they are easy to find..just ride around and if you get stuck in the tiny Christmas parade.(Then you can see Santa and ask him for a cottage this year since you have been so good)
There are flamingos and cottage signs at every me if you get lost ..912 667-9310.....
Christmas decorating fun

MY favorite color ..white fun

beach house blue .. back river chair fun

sparkling light fun

pinks and orange and yellow and aqua  ..cottages are about fun!!

cheery and happy fun

bright and happy fun

relaxed and happy fun

fluffy and happy  fun

seriously Happy Fun

peaceful happy fun
comfortable happy fun

Fish Camp Happy Fun

animal print happy fun

Please come on the tour or send me an email if you are to far away and I will send photos from the tour. The ticket are tax deductible. All proceeds go to the spay and neuter clinic. You can donate if you can't come!!!

See you Saturday...


A Whole Lotta Magic said...


I'll be in Savannah January 1st., is there any chance I could rent one of your gorgeous little cottages for a day or two?

Unknown said...

Call "Mermaid Jan" at Several of Jane's wondercolor cottages are in our collection! (912) 658 1550
We have great specials for the season! I'll be at FishCamp Cottage for the tour - sorry we will mss you!

JANET said...

Hi Jane..I am not able to make the tour but I bought a ticket anyway to support your cause. I hope I will be able to make it next year!
Please take lots of pictures of your happy cottages. I look forward to seeing them. Thank you for what you are doing for the kitties and dogs.