Sunday, November 24, 2013

Progress Report..Southern Tides Cottage

I promised I would put updates of Southern Tides Cottage as things began to take shape.
Here is one  new master bedroom.

it once was an enclosed side porch
Here is  the family coming for Thanksgiving...I wanted to see the children's faces when they saw the bunk room and fort....So decided to share this...

  some of the 5 grandchildren as they arrived from Nashville

headed to see the "not quite done".. bunk room

we are adding curtains, shelves ,colors and painting the floor .
.I love all the original windows in the house.

I think they like it!!!

Testing out the new coffee table and playing with  the Christmas balls.

I have been working on Southern Tides Cottages and it will be ready for vacation rentals in  We  have been working to pull the great old but restored beach house together for the family's Thanksgiving Holiday.
(By the way did I miss Thanksgiving? it seem like everything is Christmas. Not certain about this. Looks like they are having the after thanksgiving sales today).
This is a progress report of what is happening ..bunk room, new master bedroom, new double queen room,new out door sleeping porch ,new swimming pool and lots and lots and lots of beautiful white paint(after the tour) .It will be on the  cottage tour DEC 7 in mid- renovation,,should be interesting  to say the least.!
The  clients their children and 5 grandchildren arrived at 2 yesterday  and loved everything we had accomplished  so far.
They pulled a trailer full of great furniture for the house and I know I will love everything that comes in the door.
More later...


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Jane!!! I love FAMILY friendly!!

Anonymous said...

Love the master bedroom, so serene. Numbered bunks are great too, Bet the kids love those.

Tiffany said...

Awesome! Love their faces & the fun they're having!

Unknown said...

I think the grownups had as much fun as the kids did...made my day also