Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Colors .....

I have been working entirely to hard so I decide to "stop and smell the roses" or in this case..... smell the salt water.
 Aj's Dockside  restaurant on Tybee Island is now renting kayaks and paddle boards along with serving  great food , great music and great sunsets. It is a special place on our quirky little island .

I have watched all the kayaks and paddles boards and life jackets being delivered over the past several weeks (like Christmas in August) I  love all the bright colors as they contrast with the docks and the salt water.Color is everywhere I look and I am all about the color!!! I took these photos today  and tomorrow I might try  paddle boarding...............  I know full well I will probably fall right off the beautiful yellow board. Oh well. no harm in trying.

these are the wider paddle speed for certain!!!!

two of the new kayaks

sit on top  kayaks....ready to try it?

the regular paddle boards and bright kayaks and and the great colors of the dockside restaurant

this view is looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean and Little Tybee Island on the right

I love the bright yellow AJ's stickers on the orange kayaks

getting ready for paddle boarders

the paddles and leashes(so when you fall your board stays close by)

tides out in this shot...all the colors are wonderful. even a.Pink dock house... LOVE IT!!!

Kayaking is fun and a great workout


Jane said...

I love the colours too. I can't see too many things out in the water to bump into, so i reckon i'd give it a go. best wishes, Jane x

Simple Daisy said...

Your photos are just what I needed to see on this dreary Sunday morning here in Indiana:)

AndeM1 said...

Oh Jane.....this looks amamzing.....I have seen the large paddles boards at our spot by the sea, but have't tried it yet.....I hear it is quite a work out!!!! Your pictures remind me of why I love the sea .....Andrea in ILlinois