Friday, August 19, 2011


I love old beach houses. They are timeless and ageless. My birthday is drawing near and I want to be timeless and ageless .
 Age is an I may be in luck.
 I have a positive attitude and an open mind. I work very hard but my work is not work to me...
There is a "better that good" chance that I will be moving soon. I have to go to Colorado next week on business and the following week I will be moving from "A Bohemian Cottage" .
There is change in the air and I am preparing for my next adventure.
I have a bit of sadness as I always do.... . But my next project is just sitting there calling my name....

Back to the blog....
This amazing place is defintely "timeless beach cottage beautiful".

high ceiling and everything painted the same color

Sinks in the bedrooms.  ...old and beautiful. I wish they still made these.

The bedrooms all have sinks and the rooms flow into each other

the sinks only have cold water..back to the basics.

this sink is metal and my most favorite. love the base and details

lots of old "walk through" windows . There was no air conditioning ... Only the magical ocean air swirling around and cooling the rooms. YUMMY YUMMY!!!!!!!

12 foot porches with a view of the Atlantic Ocean

Note: wide porches are important. Don't let anyone talk you out of your wide porch...and they definitely will try.

See the ship on the horizon
This old raised cottage has air conditioning now  and is rented through

 I ran across this photograph of another old Tybee Cottage taken by the most talented and wonderful Richard Leo Johnson. As a photographer he  has captured so many of my projects. Once I showed a magazine scout a great cottage I had done, she did not seem very interested but when Richard sent scouting shots that he had taken she  wanted it for her magazine. Is he GREAT or what!!
 the old sink (cold water only)


AndeM1 said...

So beautiful and the old porches are amazing....I can't wait to see what your next adventure trip!

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...
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Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

That round mirror says it all - I can't even begin to want the sink because I know I'll never see another one like it!