Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On A Working Holiday....

I am at Marabou Ranch outside of Steamboat Springs Colorado........on a working holiday. I am busy but sit here every chance I get because I love this chair....

My favorite favorite rocking chair!!!!

Steamboat Magazine wrote a story about the project Anna and I did at Marabou Ranch  last year. I took so many  funny photos and some great ones but never had time to post them. I am here now but cant work this computer to load my one million photos.
. Colorado is beautiful, Steamboat is wonderful and Marabou Ranch is off the charts. The article is linked on the Press button on my web site.
Bellamy painted some awesome paintings for the project.( she is part cowgirl) I bought some funky funky pieces in Savannah and I had the chance to do what I love on the Elk River 20 minutes outside of Steamboat .
 I could have been a cowgirl/ or maybe I was an indian in another life. I love nature and the earth and I love the difference between the ocean and the mountains. This project was a chance for major " nest building" while the cattle  and horses watched us thru the windows and the white owl scared Anna as it flew from its spot on the rafters of the porch late one night as we were hurrying to complete this project.
My favorite favorite thing was the rocking chair that bought for $400.00 dollars (that had a $1200.00 price tag). My friend and favorite upholsterer,Larry Davis ( Davis Upholstery) in Savannah Georgia) cover it in a  cowhide that  I bought years ago and has been savings for ME. When it was  done, it was all I could do to put it on the truck bound for Steamboat.

Back in town on Sunday with so many photos for my blog.


Kayakbanker said...

Awesome chair Jane...love that turquoise glass piece as well. Have fun.

Simple Daisy said...

Love that chair!!! So country western:)

sara-t said...

Oh that chair! Bring on the photos!
I cant wait to see everything!

Meine Dinge Franka said...

This BLUE and RED!

x Franka

Unknown said...
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