Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The truth about "Favorite Blouse Blue"

I was contacted about the Jane Coslick Cottage Collection Colors  
and  so I will begin with the color I named.. Favorite Blouse Blue.
 I was working on Fish Camp Cottage at the time and  needed a color for the exterior. The place was a mess and I had HGTV coming to shoot an episode of Dream Builders. They were going to shoot the site (dumpster and workmen) but it looked awful. What was a girl to do?
It is like when you try TOO  hard.. it never works......
..... Like when you "have to have" a dress for a special occasion... you can never find one.
I had to give this pitiful place something  great......
I thought it was beautiful but I was definitely in the minority on this one. I tried samples of colors but nothing was feeling just right.
I owned a blue/periwinkle linen blouse that people were always saying, " You look great " every time I wore it. If it could help me , I knew it could help my cottage.
I took the blouse to the paint store and ask them to match the  color in exterior semigloss paint. I added the colors of the blooming landscape as accent colors and Fish Camp Cottage came to life.
Fish Camp Cottage was my home for 8 wonderful years.  It made the cover of Cottage Living Magazine and shown like a star for the article. It was a magical little spot if ever there was one.
The new owner have changed the interiors but the outside still remains Favorite Blouse Blue.
It is now a rental through Mermaid Cottages for the new owners.http://www.mermaidcottages.com/


cakebake said...

What a cozy looking place! L-O-V-E those colors together. Another job well done!

Seaside Style said...

So Cute! Again.... fabulous!

Jane said...

Jane I love it. More than anything I love your instinct to go with a colour that wasn't on a paint chart. When choosing colours people tend to look at current colour trends and go with that. We did for exterior house colour and interior walls. We did splash out on a deep purple feature wall though, on which our tv is mounted. that's a bit of my quirky Jane style coming through. Have a great day, Jane x

Kara said...

I remember seeing your beautiful little house in Cottage Living and since then I was sold. I love seeing how you transform things with just a little color. :)