Monday, February 4, 2013


Bead Cottage.. 

lovely little Bead Cottage
tybee Island
tybee cottages vacation rental
the new shutter gates

new euros on the day bed

the twin bedroom

the queen bedroom

original doors

I love spending time here
the bookcases are original to the dividers and storage

tiny cottage but big on space planning
I love this idea
cottage detail in the kitchen
sitting by the little electric fire place pondering the beauty of this magical   cottage

AND the beautiful  giant screen porch that over looks the pool

the tybee "swimmin' women"


lunch and a dip in the heated pool?

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jmac said...

OMG!! I want that porch!! does it go all the way around the house?
and could you pleeeeeaze tell me where you found the swimming women? I need them for my lake house in the worst way...and I'm sure they came from one of those precious shops in tybee!!

Unknown said...

the porch is the complete lenght of the cottage and 12' wide. the wonderful swimmin' women..are by artist Patricia McCory. email

sharon oler said...

Jane I love , love love your blog! The colors are so wonderful to a Midwest girl, who,loves the sea!
Peace Sharon