Friday, May 24, 2013

A Few Favorite Things And A Few Colors At Work...........

my most  favorite headboard, favorite  flower, and the color 'style me turquoise"
 The inspiration room" Luscious little cottage color pink sign..Mirror ""Melon" and frame is Tybee turquoise
funky table and a bench made from old iron bed headboard
work shed door

hiding place

vintage door "beach house blue color" 
Jane Coslick color"favorite blouse blue' at Fish Camp Cottage
"Tween Waters  Cottage' now for rent
leopard window boxes

tiny Sea biscuit cottage  the color "Sea Biscuit"

"Beach house blue"on Bohemian Cottage

happy crab outdoor shower at "tween water cottage"

Fish Camp Cottage    "Favorite Blouse Blouse Blue"

Happy MEMORIAL DAY weekend...


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