Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rain ,Wind and Sod

The weather has been so rainy and windy for the past week. I knew all the rain would help some fresh sod so I went to the nursery on my way home from the office and fell in love with this place...I had to share!!!

They had flowers but they also had chickens and fish and herbs and a vintage bathtub shower head fountain...

how about the rocking chairs on the roof... A nursery with a sense of humor!!

Everyone was so helpful and  pleasant. I love love love flowers and this cheerful place had everything.
( I only wish I could have brought them home with me to help lay the sod....tee hee)
 Erin at House of Turquoise( My FAVORITE Blog)  posted some more photo of the  beds from my work  . Her  wonderful mother in law came to visit  and I took her and her sisters on a "ride about" on the island. I shared a few a my projects and the   pictures she took are so beautiful.  

 (May 3rd post)

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