Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crabs, Colors , Cats and Clothes on the line...

a peeking tom ( not really)
freshly painted porch  floor

I am thinking watermelon and boiled shrimp right here!
Big Grey's beautiful face

Boo Boo on the roof
Birdie (think we found her a home  hurrah hurrah!!!!)
pillow present for Lisa
a special painting with color and kitties
New linens for Flip Flop cottage

even Sally was inspired to make casserole covers from the left over fabrics that I use

 New Crab shutters door on" Inspiration headquarters"

the wonderful smell of clean clothes fresh off the line

No crabby people welcome here!!!!

Happy Sunday.......................

PS The  Cottage Collection Colors here
Sea Biscuit
Style me turquoise
Beachy Keen Green ( the shed)
Luscious Little Pink( behind the kitty in the window)
Beach House Blue (porch floor)

I have decided to add a few new colors to the collection..
I was inspired last night by the rain on the tin roof  and the feeling of summer which is upon us..
                            not to hot (yet)
                            not to cold (thank goodness)
                             just right!!!
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Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

in love with the crab doors